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Introducing SyncNTune’s captivating radio show, “About the Show”! Immerse yourself in a world where artists reign supreme, as we bring you an eclectic mix of talent and creativity every weekend. Prepare to be mesmerized by the dynamic performances and unique sets presented by a diverse lineup of artists. From soul-stirring melodies to pulse-pounding beats, “About the Show” is the ultimate platform for artists to showcase their craft and captivate listeners worldwide. Join us on this enchanting journey through music, where boundaries are shattered, and inspiration knows no limits. Tune in and let your artistic spirit soar with “About the Show” on SyncNTune!

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COUPE, is sure to leave you in a hip-hop, DAZE. This dynamic, heart-wrenching lyricist has the capacity to take you on a musical Rollercoaster and hungry for more. COUPE DAZE was first introduced to the art of music at a young age. Accrediting his natural gift of music to his close family members. Daze recalls, being nine years old, and in the same studio as some of the Greats. That very moment, DAZE realized that’s what he wanted to do, without question.


2+ Motivated Minutes to begin each day with motivation, empowerment, positivity and purpose. This is the #1 podcast for those who are striving for best version of themselves.


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